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Improv Asylum Environmental Graphics Case Study


The Improv Asylum, an improvisational comedy club in the North End, approached Fenway Group with a desire to create some easily updated environmental graphics at multiple locations within their venue. 

The environmental graphics hanging above Asylum Co-Lab in Boston designed and manufactured by Fenway Group


Fenway Group designed, manufactured and installed weather resistant environmental graphics at the entrance and some artwork inside the venue. With this project, Fenway Group gave Improv Asylum a streamlined process for updating their space in the future. 

Fenway Group designs and manufactures custom environmental graphics to fit any unique space. There are a various options when answering environmental graphics questions. Fenway Group’s team has the know how to find the best solutions available. 


For the outdoor signage, Fenway Group printed double-thick text that laid on top of a grey backdrop. This created a raised, almost 3D, sign that set the tone for the project. Additionally, we mapped out the internal spaces and developed a set of standard sizes to easily update any artwork.

In the future, once new artwork is approved, we can quickly instal the new art by unscrewing the dated artwork and simply replacing it with the updated environmental graphics.

In conclusion, Fenway Group was able to provide an immediate solution to Improv Asylum with these custom graphics. Further, this new process allows Improv Asylum to tailor their space easily and cost effectively.   

The full entrance of the Asylum Co-Lab after new environmental graphics was installed by Fenway Group.

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