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Glympse Bio Logo & Stationery Case Study


To create a brand icon. A brand icon that reflects a precise approach to noninvasive disease monitoring through bio-marker technology.

Glympse Bio Design and Officre supplies. Fenway Group created this rebrand for Glympse Bio that includes business cards, digital assets, branded pens, and branded notepads!

In 2015, Cambridge, MA startup Glympse Bio needed a comprehensive brand identity. More specifically, that included a logo design, brand guidelines, and a variety of business communications assets.
The creative team at Fenway Group quickly launched into a discovery phase. Straightaway, thoroughly examining their industry as well as their unique technological solutions.


By name, the idea of obtaining detailed “glimpses” into the human body became the theme that drove the development of several design options. From these initial looks, the concept of how something can be so simple when examined so closely rose to the top. Unquestionably the elegant, uncluttered brand icon design reflects how easy it can be to see markers under magnification.


Once the logo icon was created, making sure it complied with every business communication application was critical to the speed of its launch. Business cards, document templates, and diverse digital assets were created alongside a clear set of brand guidelines.

Design/Branding: GLYMPSE BIO Logo