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Classic Graphx Merges with Fenway Group

Press release: Classic GraphX merges with Fenway Group

Classic Graphx Merges with Fenway Group

Boston – Fenway Group is pleased to announce the merger with Classic Graphx of Cambridge, effective February 25, 2022. Two longtime, local, businesses merge together to offer continuity and greater range of services.

As Anne Shuhler, the owner of Classic Graphix for nearly 35 years, looked toward retirement, she markedly decided her company, clients, and employees would have a stronger future by merging with a firm that shares a similar client-focused philosophy. February 28th began a new chapter as Classic Graphx is now the Fenway Group.

In addition to the design and print services Classic Graphx has been providing, the merger will likewise introduce clients to a greater selection of communications and marketing services options that were previously unavailable. Soon Classic GraphX clients will have access to Fenway Group’s direct mail marketing, video production, branded merchandise, and large format capabilities.

“Being only two miles from Classic Graphx makes it easy for us to assist customers on projects that need quick service.” says Todd Nugent(left), Vice President of Fenway Group.

Rick Sands (right), the President of Fenway Group, explains that "Merging cultures after an acquisition is never simple but, our cultures were not far apart, with both firms operating on a service-based business model.”

Thus the two firms will operate as Fenway Group from their Boston location. Classic Graphx’s Cambridge location is now closed therefore all production is now at the Fenway Group production facility. 

Founded in 1999 Fenway Group is a multichannel communications agency offering design, print, web, promo, video and multichannel marketing and more! Subsequently, services are crafted for businesses in the education, non-profit, healthcare, and life-science industries. Overall, Fenway Group has built its foundation on delivering impactful content, and executable marketing strategies, across multiple channels. 

  Contact: Rick Sands President of Fenway Group 617-226-1900

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