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Event Planning in Boston: How to Bring Your Event’s Vision to Life

Are you currently tasked with overseeing the coordination and planning of events? Are you overwhelmed with the numerous options of design, signage, swag, and everything in between? Don’t fret, continue reading to get some of our top recommendations for planning and creating a successful event in Boston. We’ll also give you a sneak peek into how our team of experts can help alleviate your extensive list of to-do’s and make event planning even more fun!

When beginning to plan an event, the planner needs to brainstorm how everything will tie together. Think about what type of event you are charged with creating and what is the goal of the event. Are you managing a trade show at the Hynes Convention Center, a corporate gala at the Omni Boston Hotel, or a company meeting in Kendall Square’s Catalyst Restaurant? If so, jot down your preferences for any promotional materials, wayfinding signage, centerpieces, and stage design, if applicable. Once the brainstorming is done and the final design choices are underway, ensure you order any and all supplies to account for shipping time.

The next step should include informing the attendees of the event. Put a plan of action together for how people will sign up to attend and how you will let them know. One of the main pieces is the invitation, which could consist of a printed mailed invitation and email. Ensure the invitations and registration visuals tie together. From digital graphics to QR codes and any items on display at the venue. That’s one perk of the Fenway Group’s design-to-doorstep event aesthetics support.

The creativity doesn’t end there! Now that the event visuals are mapped out and the guests are invited, next we recommend: logistics! This entails strategic considerations such as where attendees will take photos, presenters will make speeches, and where people will sit throughout the day. 

Lastly, event coordinators will want to think about making the day memorable. Some clients opt to give branded appeal or swag gift bags filled with goodies. Though this may be a lot of work, we’re here to help!

Our event planning services begin with a consultation aimed at gathering the client’s vision for the event. This encompasses an in-depth conversation of their requirements, desired ambiance, aesthetics, and the intended experience for the attendees throughout the duration of the occasion. Our experts share experiences and present creative ideas and options that meet expectations and budget requirements.  

Once brainstorming and feedback come to an end and all designs are approved, our production team is put to work! We’re equipped to handle all print in-house. The final step involves curating the perfect atmosphere for our clients’ events. And lastly, our team is fully equipped to handle installations… the cherry on top!

Having opened back in 1999 and constantly growing in this industry ever since, our team at the Fenway Group has experience in all aspects of printing, creative design, mail, and large-format printing. With 25 years of dedicated service, our extensive background has allowed us to collaborate closely with a variety of notable brands and companies, such as Cabot Corporation, Museum of African American History, LabCentral, Westminster Kennel Club, and Shooting Touch. We love helping our clients bring their brands to life in ways they didn’t even imagine! 

Some of our recent large projects have included the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston annual dinner, Boston Symphony Orchestra’s A Company Celebration at Pops Concert, and Boston Children’s Boston Investment Conference,  where we were able to help the client with design, production, and installation. We developed and created small and large signage, stage backdrops, table centerpieces, and much more. 

Let us give you an example. One of our most recent projects was the LabCentral Illuminating Opportunity Partnership Summit. We were able to create an experience that captured the essence of LabCentral. 

We assisted in everything from designing the creatives that set the stage for the event space to printing, producing, and installing graphics for 16 floor-to-ceiling windows and a 6-foot by 15-foot sponsor wall. In addition, we designed and printed the program and name tags and curated gift bags that were filled with cool tech and swag items. The Fenway Group helped this event bring attendees through an immersive experience of LabCentral’s annual meeting.

Check out some photos below from some of our clients’ recent events! 

Photo of swag items at LabCentral Illuminating Opportunity Partnership Summit
LabCentral Illuminating Opportunity Partnership Summit; Photo by Jeff Pinette Photography
Image of large-format signage at LabCentral Illuminating Opportunity Partnership Summit
LabCentral Illuminating Opportunity Partnership Summit; Photo by Jeff Pinette Photography
Image of signage at Boston Symphony Orchestra A Company Celebration
Boston Symphony Orchestra A Company Celebration; Photo by Hilary Scott
Image of stage design at Boston Investment Conference
Boston Investment Conference

Here are more types of events we can help with:

  • Conferences
  • Fundraisers 
  • Dinners
  • Trade shows
  • Concerts
  • Training Events
  • Premiers
  • Virtual Events

We hope any nerves have been quelled and you’re confident about your next event. Ready to book us to help with your event’s visual design? If you’re planning an event in the Boston area, we’re eager to assist you so that every detail is taken care of and you can focus on your guests! Contact us today