Our most diverse and demanding client segment. Partnering with the world’s most influential tech companies has sharpened our skills in transforming the most complex concepts into engaging and compelling stories. This is a results-based industry and they demand results-based solutions.

Case Study


Akamai is the world leader in Internet Business Solutions. With one of the most established and developed brands in the tech industry, their print demands are well focused, complex and on-going.


Keep up with the pace of the world’s leading tech innovator to provide printed materials for marketing, tradeshow and events. To be a partner that can cross-check content and quality with laser accuracy. To get it right the first time and always be ready to try something new.


Fenway Group’s large format team immersed themselves in the Akamai brand guidelines, making sure the most subtle details were as focused as the boldest graphics. Then we execute flawlessly and consistently.


When a client is moving as fast as Akamai does, they need a partner that can keep a close eye on the details. Catching problems and finding innovative ways to achieve the goals of the job have taken this partnership to new heights.


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