Sustainability at Fenway Group

Fenway Group’s commitment to being an environmentally responsible company is expressed both by the products and services we offer, and by how we operate as a company. 

Our Sustainability Commitment

Fenway Group has been committed to sustainable practices since its inception. Fenway Group will continue to find ways to reduce its environmental impact, including:

• No Photochemistry

• Soy-based Inks

• Robust Recycling program

• Energy-efficient lighting and machinery

• Local sourcing and procurement

• Carbon offsets when we cannot reduce

Fenway Group reduced energy waste by converting 100% of its lighting to LED. LEDs use much less energy than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, and is mercury-free. Fenway Group began purchasing carbon offsets in 2018 as a way to mitigate CO2 emissions from our delivery vehicles. The monies paid to organizations like Carbon Fund and Native Energy are used to invest in reforestation, forest preservation, and clean water projects. This year, with the Carbon Fund’s assistance, the Fenway Group offset 17.1 Tonnes of CO2 emissions!  

Fenway Group is committed to promoting sustainability and being a responsible corporate citizen by considering people and the planet in all that it does.

Read our full Corporate Sustainability & Environmental policy here.