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As a proud member of the Greater Boston Business Community, we understand the importance of clear communications used to make our city and surrounding communities operate smoothly and productively. Partnering with planning committees across a number of city-wide initiatives is our way of saying “we love you Boston.”


Case Study

Kendall Square Redevelopment Authority

Keeping a fast growing business and residential community like Kendall Square on track is a daunting challenge. There are many complex initiatives that are in a constant state of evolution. Among several of these initiatives was the Transportation Initiative. This program outlined key transit improvement recommendations from the Kendall Sq. Mobility Task Force and covered a wide range of ongoing plans to upgrade the Grand Junction Corridor, Red Line and bus routes that service the area.


How do you communicate and organize a redevelopment objective that has several complex and highly detailed components? This material needed to be available in several formats to accommodate planning meetings, presentations and public awareness.


It starts with a comprehensive document that details the plan, the philosophies, the challenges and the solutions across multiple transportation systems. From there, it expands into a downloadable, multi-page document, Power Point Presentation and ultimately a web landing page.


The amount of copy contained in these documents and web pages was astounding. Fenway Group partnered with the Kendall Sq. Mobility Task Force to copywrite, edit and reformat an immense amount of complex data. Creating engaging yet simple graphics and charts helped convey the analytics of how these plans will make a measurable difference in the flow of growing traffic.

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