Passion and commitment are the threads that runs through each nonprofit program we engage in. Fenway Group joins the team as an “all in” partner, contributing to content, design and production. Our nonprofit partners are our connection to the community, and we are proud to call these clients our personal favorites.

Case Study


The K-8 Reform Jewish Independent School has been a Fenway Group client and partner for many years. As Fenway Group continues to support their messaging and enrollment initiatives, our two organizations begin to move in perfect sync with each other.


The Rashi School puts their students and families first. In doing so, they needed a campaign that would build unity and growth within their community. Their core values of learning, Justice, Community, Respect and Devine Spirit needed to be expanded into a new campaign message that spoke to the daily mission of inspiration. But how to reach those families across mail, email and social media was new frontier for the school. Each family reached across each channel required a unique spin on the campaign promise.


Taking the idea of “Inspiring More,” the Fenway Group built a campaign of words and images that touched the hearts of the entire community. The campaign spanned direct mail, email and social platforms, but the magic was in the message itself. Rashi Inspires MORE and defining what MORE was created the harmonic tones of the concept. With each idea paired with Inspiring, the message became clear that Rashi was more than just a school.


The initiative set off to inspire an awareness campaign took on a new life in annual fundraising as Inspiration to do MORE became inspiration to GIVE more.




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