Good Planets Are Hard To Find

For now, we just have this one Earth. Let’s do our best to not trash it.

 Creating immersive and engaging marketing campaigns does not have to come at the expense of our planet. The first step is to look closely at materials and processes historically used in print production and demand the alternatives. The next step is to spark conversations with our clients on the value of producing marketing materials that are eco friendly and sustainable, making that part of your story and allowing your initiatives reach new heights. Here are some ways Fenway Group is tackling the growing concerns of environmentally conscious print production.

Our solutions for sustainable printing

Responsible Paper Sourcing:

Fenway Group has made a commitment in setting ambitious goals offering environmentally preferable paper and paper products both internally and for our clients. If a recycled paper product is available, Fenway Group Designers are focused on creating styles that tie directly to the end user’s experience. Your message becomes more relevant when it is delivered within an eco friendly context.

Carbon Offsets:

Fenway Group actively participates in the Carbon Offset Program, which limits our emissions and pays dividends forward to local and government environmental programs.

Eliminate Wasteful Practices:

With our attention to detail in pre-planning, the Fenway Group team can identify areas of waste in both materials and overall strategy. Combining the print and digital strategies is one of our effective ways in reducing physical materials while increasing the reach to audiences locally and nationally.

Keep it Clean:

Come visit our facilities and see how an efficient print shop operates. Each touch on each job is focused on moving that product through to completion in the most efficient, safe and environmentally mindful way possible.