Crafting a Successful Virtual Event

Migrating your live event to a virtual webinar doesn’t mean migrating away from engaging and successful content. We have watched certain aspects of business and organizational communications grind to a near standstill in real-time. Every day that passes presents the challenge of “how do we keep doing what we used to do?” and at the center of this challenge is our virtual events. We planned, organized, registered, and anticipated fundraisers, galas, education, corporate meetings, and conferences, only to have these doors slammed shut by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. But, as we do our part to conform to the new normal, the old normal is still out there knocking on the door. The Fenway Group’s digital design and virtual implementation team have been answering the knock with cost-effective and scalable solutions. And as we help our customers solve their virtual event challenges, we’ve learned a few things along the way. Here are Fenway Group’s top five tips for crafting successful virtual events we’d like to share.

Keep It Simple And Smooth

The first tip for creating a successful online event is to keep things simple! Just because your event is going virtual doesn’t mean that it has to be restructured from the ground up. If you were sending “save the date” mail, you should continue to send them. If you were printing an event guide, book or syllabus… keep doing that! Your attendees expect a certain level of engagement and going virtual shouldn’t take those essential printed pieces away. Mix your pre-show communications with emails and landing pages and you’ll capture your audience’s attention to an even greater degree.

No Zoom And Gloom

The second tip for crafting a successful online event revolves around audience engagement. The virtual part of your meeting is just one aspect. Keep your audience engaged with an agenda that feels like a live event. A large part of in-person events is networking, so try to create break-out groups that can communicate in smaller groups to ensure your audience partakes in the virtual event as opposed to being passive.  Add as much interactivity as you can. Live Q&A, breakout rooms, polls, and special downloads will elevate the experience even beyond what the in-person event could achieve.

Make It Fun And Memorable

The third tip for creating a successful online event is to make your event interesting and lively. Everyone is busy and immersed in endless online meetings and video conferencing. Make your event stand out so that people make time to participate and engage. Give your attendees a reason to remember what was said and the call to action. Send out branded pens and pads for meetings, send branded promotional items to donors, send swag to encourage teamwork, send personalized tickets, and have a raffle online. There are lots of ways to engage and make it fun, be unique!

Increase Your Reach and Feedback

The fourth tip for crafting a great virtual event is to network and make personal connections with your audience. Connecting to social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is a great way to bring even more interactions to your event.

Record The Event

Video camera recording a seminar for a live event. Fenway Group can help make your live events a success!

The fifth tip for a successful online event is to record the event! We live in a “Video On Demand” world and your audience demands video…when they want it. When your event is over, edit the video into consumable pieces that will continue to tell your story long after the live web event is over. 

Bonus Tip!

And lastly, here is a bonus tip that may be the most important of all! Technology solves a very small part of your challenge. A successful webinar event depends on great planning and management. Both before, during, and after. Anyone can send out a Zoom invitation to 175 people but to transform that into a smooth and successful online event requires a team that combines technical and logistical experience.  Do you have an event that needs to go digital? Reach out to us and let’s get you on the path to success. Fenway Group works hard to make our clients happy therefore our team offers more than just video services. Fenway Group is more than happy to help with all your creative needs. Strategic communication is key to any effective communications initiative and Fenway Group can assist with, 

  • Multichannel marketing campaigns 
  • Brand development or refresh  
  • Video/Event production and editing 
  • Print and bindery services 
  • Large format projects
  • As well as so much more!

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