Industry Disruptions

The pandemic caused major disruption to segments of the supply and demand chain in 2022. One major disruption for consumers and manufacturers is rising freight rates. Additionally, the shortage of cargo containers strained the supply and demand chain in 2022. These supply and demand challenges force manufacturing companies to move slower or halt operations, further exacerbating the issue. The rising cost of raw materials forced entire industries to struggle with their marketing & communications efforts. Companies had to find new media channels to reach their audience.

What is Wood Pulp and Why is it Important?

Next, we’ve all heard about the toilet paper supply shortages. The root cause of the issue is the demand for wood pulp. “The cost of wood pulp, the raw material used in paper products has gone up 50.2% over the past year” (Bureau of Labor Statistics). This creates financial strain and shrinking profit margins for every part of the supply chain.

Communication Challenges: The Supply Chain

With demand growing but supply production still stalled in 2022, companies had significant challenges communicating their messages. It was hard to justify the money spent. So really, it’s not just TP that is increasingly hard to find. Paper is an essential element of modern life and business. Still, demand for raw materials has aggressively increased because of the beginning of the pandemic. Rising raw material costs have prompted many organizations to cut back on their paper supply. Now companies are exploring less traditional forms of expression to communicate their message and escape the supply and demand challenges in 2022.

Grow and Maintain Your Business With Digital media marketing

Now is the time! Create a solid, competitive digital media foundation in addition to your current communications efforts. Stay ahead and provide modern and timely solutions to supply your current and new clientele’s creative demands.

The pandemic also brought other channels of marketing into the limelight. To ease the tension companies face from supply and demand challenges, many chose to market digitally through less traditional methods. Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. can be utilized to increase your organization’s social presence. This is another way to meet client demands with success in 2022.

Or companies can use a more traditional approach to digital media. Traditional forms of digital media are forms of media such as newspaper ads, a commercial, radio advertisements, and email campaigns. By increasing your company’s presence and capabilities with these platforms, you can connect with your target audience. This will help your business build brand recognition, and in turn, generate sales.

How to Stay Ahead

Looking visually consistent with all your marketing efforts and maintaining a clear message regarding your company’s services help to build a sense of trust with your clients. Keep your brand top of mind for all communications. In conclusion, using omnichannel marketing of traditional and digital media together can break the supply and demand tension, therefore, ensuring your marketing efforts continue to grow.

Staying ahead in this changing and challenging world takes planning. Fenway Group will help focus on complete communications solutions, both for the limited print needs and for expanding your presence across the digital world. Fenway experts use print and digital media forms in tandem. This enables our team to express clients’ content in a meaningful and personal way, escaping the pressures of the supply and demand chain.

Staying SMART in the Age of Digital Media

The pandemic stressed the need for companies to diversify their media channels. Successful companies are flexible in the way that they deliver the desired message, meaning usually multiple angles of communication are needed, such as using a direct mail campaign while also running an online advertising campaign through Facebook or Google.

Although the demand for digital media is rising, “73% of American consumers say they [still] prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want.” (Source) Any consumer can search for a product or service that they want online, but when the product or service “finds them” it makes the consumer feel a personal connection with the company. Smart marketing using diverse media channels is the key to this. Highly targeted ads are better for the consumer and company likewise but sometimes it’s not as simple as copy-paste to all accounts. We know S.M.A.R.T. as a mnemonic acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based. In order to be a SMART goal, the goal needs to meet all five of these criteria.

Don’t Know Where to Start? We Can Help!

Creating an active online presence for your company/brand is a process that can be daunting to an unprepared brand. Our Fenway experts work with you to combine our professional design and messaging knowledge with your 2022 strategic marketing goals. From social media to blogging, to local or national advertising, you can increase your online presence and visibility to current and new clients. We’ll show you how and help you do it!     

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