Promotional Products: The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Who doesn’t love receiving a present? It instills a sense of gratitude and warmth towards the giver. Now imagine your message visibly linked to such a joyous moment. Today we’re looking at the power of promotional marketing in 2022.

The Psychology Behind Promotional Products

Consumers are likely to remember a brand with great fondness if they receive a useful or thoughtful gift. A popular study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology demonstrated the power of promo by showing that a single mint presented with the check at the end of dinner led to a 3% increase in tips.

Why? The server provided a psychological surprise of the mint. Said recipient of the mint will appreciate this and the server is seen as considerate! The recipient developed a positive perception of the server, therefore tipping higher as a result. And that gift made their customers feel happy and personally appreciated.

The takeaway is that appreciation doesn’t have to be a grand gesture as the goal is to end an experience on a high note. Thus confirming a consumer made the correct decision in purchasing and having this server was a pleasant experience. Organizations use promotional marketing gear to physically connect consumers with a quality product. This creates a positive association between the consumer and the brand itself through the product. If a consumer receives a poor-quality product, then as a consequence, the consumer will associate poor quality with that business/organization.
The more unique a promotional product is, the more likely clients will remember that product, and in turn, your branding.

What is Promo?

Next, let’s break down what promo marketing actually consists of.

Typically persuasive in nature, “Promo” refers to any promotional product used to engage and inform target audiences. In 2022, promotional products are simply part of an excellent multi-channel marketing campaign. Some other channel possibilities are,

  • TV/movie Ads & Product Placement
  • Social media posts
  • Branded clothing
  • Billboards Etc.

Types of Promotional Gear


The first category of promotional products, and the one we’re all familiar with, is promotional apparel! Look around you right now and count how many branded items and promotional gear are within your eyesight. Creating T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other apparel is a great way to remember your logo visually.


The second category of promotional products is technology. Fun tech is a wonderful way to look current and cool to your constituents who value modern solutions that make their day-to-day life easier.


The third category is promotional accessories. There are many unique promotional accessories beyond just apparel and technology that companies use to further promote their brand. Think branded:

  • Candy Blankets
  • Event tags
  • Awards
  • Gift boxes
  • New hire welcome kits
  • Event or Expo merch & much more!

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertisements across every platform, so it’s important to be strategic when choosing a product. Many promotional products foster consumer loyalty, positive attitudes, and strong feelings about the company and the mission/service it provides.

Pop-up Shops: Giving Clients the Power to Purchase

Fenway Group can create a pop-up shop – a virtual store for your promo gear! You can choose what products you want to be featured and customize them with your logo with the help of in-house promo and design teams. Our next option for getting promo in the hands of clients or team members is to create a Pop-up shop.

First, each pop-up shop is created online. This enables co-workers and teammates to simply login without assistance to the branded online store. Next, a user will pick what they would like( size/color/style/product). After this, they can check out right from the branded website. It’s easy, AND everyone gets exactly what they want, in the size they want it. We carry a variety of contemporary styles and sizes sure to fit your organization’s needs! Next, Fenway Group team ensures all orders are shipped as ordered from your virtual store. That means you don’t have to worry about the storage of items or mailing out the product. Fenway Group does it all!

We Want To Hear From You!

Fenway Group works hard to make our clients happy! Fenway Group offers more than just promotional apparel, accessories, and technology products, therefore we’re more than happy to help with all your creative needs. Strategic communication is key to the effective and precise targeting of an audience for your event, product, or service. Fenway Group can assist with,

  • Multichannel marketing solutions
  • Brand development or rebranding
  • Video production and editing
  • Print and bindery services
  • Displays and exhibits and so much more!

From social media to blogging, to local or national advertising, you can increase your online presence and visibility to current and new clients. We’ll show you how and help you do it!     

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