Welcome to the 3rd DIMENSION

Grab your    to see things in a different way

Westminster Dog Show

This gorgeous cover art is a water color painting by renowned artist Misha Lenn. It was converted to this dynamic 3D image by the Fenway Group designers.

Look for more 3D experiences throughout the 2021 Westminster Dog Show in New York City.

The Publics Radio

Fenway Group created this engaging donor campaign reflecting their donors as a community of Wildly Diverse Characters. The campaign is still wildly successful, drawing record donations to the public radio throughout 2020. This 3D image is a unique variation on the campaign.

Fenway Group Promotions

What if your logo could be on the greatest hot/cold beverage container ever designed? What could be better? We think everything looks slightly cooler in 3D.

It’s cool…it’s hot…it’s Fenway Group Promotions!

Boston University I.S.&T.

When BU calls asking Fenway Group to help promote available jobs to their student community, we deliver a culturally inspired message that if you’re good at one thing… you’re most likely a good candidate for an I.S.&T. job. Making it a 3D image was just our way of increasing the awesome factor.

To find out how Fenway Group can escalate your marketing message, give us a call and let’s look at your marketing challenges from